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WALTHERS 920-110113 Scala HO Serie Proto Carro spazzaneve tipo Jordan Spreader Soo Line nr. 900078

Modello ultradettagliato con numerosi particolari riportati in fabbrica. Serie Proto.
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Jordan Spreader - Ready to Run Soo Line 900078 (brown, yellow, white)
Now you can add one of the most versatile machines every built to your maintenance-of-way fleet with the WalthersProto Jordan Spreader! Used to profile and grade drainage ditches during warmer weather, when the flakes start flying, Jordans can be found plowing snow and pushing it back from the tracks. These HO replicas are based on the model 2-200 Spreader-Ditcher-Snowplow used by dozens of railroads, which have been in service year 'round since the 1920s.