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WALTHERS 910-55076 Scala HO Serie Mainline Set di 3 carri per trasporto container NSC da 53' TTX

Il set comprende 3 carri con diversa numerazione: TTX 786929 (125T, 2010s) in livrea gialla della TTX.
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NSC 3-Unit 53' Well Car - Ready-to-Run TTX 786929 (125T, 2010s maroon logo, yellow conspicuity stripes)
Update your intermodal trains with these ready-to-run National Steel Car (NSC) Stand-alone and 3-Unit 53' well cars from WalthersMainline. Constructed in Hamilton, Ontario, at the huge National Steel car plant, these heavy-duty stack cars were built in both stand-alone and three-unit versions for domestic service and smaller terminals. The wells can handle containers from 20' to 53', while containers from 40' to 53' can be top loaded. Other spotting features include tall sides, and unique curved cutouts near the wheels. Fully assembled and ready for service, the HO models feature detailed die-cast metal bodies for excellent tracking empty or loaded, correct 36" turned-metal wheelsets and Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers; like the prototype, only the outer ends have knuckle couplers; dr