WALTHERS 910-10173 Scala HO Serie Mainline Locomotiva Diesel GE ES44AH GEVO Union Pacific #2520

Modello ultradettagliato Reaty-to-Run con tutti gli aggiuntivi già installati in fabbrica. Modello analogico predisposto per l'installazione del decoder DCC.
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GE ES44AH Evolution Series GEVO Locomotive Union Pacific(R) 2520 (Armour Yellow, gray; US Flag, Building America Logo). Bring the power of today's railroading to your HO layout with the WalthersMainline GE ES44 Evolution Series GEVO diesels. Introduced in 2003 to comply with tougher emission standards, and more popularly known among railfans and modelers as GEVOs, these big engines have quickly become one of the most popular locos worldwide. Designated as the ES44 (Evolution Series, 4,400 horsepower), prototype variations in North American service include locos with DC or AC traction motors and buyers have also specified center idler axles, as well as high adhesion or steerable trucks.