WALTHERS 931-1502 Scala HO serie Trainline Carro Caboose Union Pacific

Fully assembled, ready to run
Colorful paint and lettering schemes
Fully assembled, ready to run
Use with any HO Scale train set
Body-mounted magnetic knuckle couplers
RP-25 metal wheels
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This Walthers Trainline HO Scale Wide-Vision Cabooseis great for adding to the end of any freight train on your layout or train set. Trainline freight cars feature RP-25 metal wheels for superior performance on all kinds of track including smaller scale-sized Code 70 and larger rail. With their added weight, body-mounted knuckle couplers, and wheel tread matched to National Model Railroad Association standards, wheels on Trainline rolling stock are compatible with almost all North American HO model railroads and can be used as you expand your railroad. Other features of this Wide-Vision Caboose include molded details that stand up to handling during operation and realistic paint schemes for good looks.
Wide-Vision Caboose Union Pacific(R)